SchoolScreener EZ is an on-line vision screening system designed by vision scientists at City University London.


The solution has been created to enable teachers, teaching assistants and others within schools to rapidly identify children who may have poor vision (including problems with colour vision).


The test takes just 3 minutes to complete. The software then generates a personalised report for parents/carers explaining the results and recommending a course of action.


The solution is suitable for primary and secondary schools, and parents can rest assured that pupils’ data remains secure.


Thanks to the support of Specsavers, all schools in the UK are being offered free access to this valuable screening system.


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Because vision is so important for learning, children with reduced vision may be disadvantaged in the classroom because:

Children with uncorrected vision problems can present with symptoms similar to specific learning difficulties.  Others can be hyperactive or have a reduced attention span.

They have difficulty seeing the board or screen at the front of the class

They struggle with tasks involving hand eye coordination and experience difficulty distinguishing colours.

They have difficulty reading close up – the words appear to be blurred or doubled.

They experience eye strain or headaches.

Children are often unaware that they have a vision problem. Their vision may have always been that way so they accept it as “normal”.


Identifying and addressing vision problems early can:


• Improve the standard of distance and near vision.

• Reduce symptoms of eye strain and headaches.

• Improve hand eye co-ordination.

• Increase attention span when performing visual tasks.

• Improve pupil engagement and reduce disruptive behaviour.

• Positively impact social and educational development.

• Avoid misdiagnosis of dyslexia and other learning difficulties.


Vision problems can develop at any age. Currently a small number of NHS regions screen students when they start school but none screen again following this.

In June 2015 Specsavers commissioned a research programme involving 10 schools to discover how teachers and students felt about the concept of introducing SchoolScreenerEZ TM into school life. The video above summarises the research findings.

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SchoolScreenerEZ will be available to all schools in the UK from November 2015. Thanks to the support from Specsavers, the system will be completely free of charge.


To receive the Screening Kit which includes everything you need to use the system in your school, click on the link provided and select register in the menu across the top of the screen.


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Your school will receive a SchoolScreenerEZ Kit through the post. This will include specially designed glasses and equipment required to complete the screening process.


Download the template letter provided to send to parents in order to gain consent to carry out the test. The test can then be completed on a standard  PC, laptop or tablet.


An adult launches the online software and follows the simple on-screen instructions. Each test takes approximately 3-5 mins. No technical or medical skills are required by the adult running the test.


The software analyses the child's results and generates a letter to send home to parents/carers. If a potential problem is highlighted the letter will recommend the child visits a local optometrist (optician).

Lesson Plan

We recognise time is precious in schools and allocating time for pupils to take the test outside of normal lessons can be difficult. This is why we have created lesson plans designed around the science of vision so you have an opportunity to integrate the screening process into a science lesson allowing students’ to continue learning whilst teaching assistants or teachers can carry out the screening process.


The Specsavers iSpy packs produced in conjunction with The Eyecare Trust are educational resources designed to complement the UK National Curriculum at Key Stage II level.  For more information or to request a pack, please contact your local Specsavers store or email providing your contact details and school address.

Supported by...

‘We are delighted to be able to offer this free vision screening tool to all schools nationwide. A child’s eyesight will continue to develop right up to the age of eight years old and a number of eyecare issues can be corrected by an optician if detected before this time.


Amblyopia or lazy eye is a common condition and needs to be picked up by the age of five realistically to be treated. Thus the ability to screen children’s vision regularly throughout their early schooling will be very beneficial.'


Specsavers founder and optometrist Dame Mary Perkins.

*Vision impairment occurs in 5 to 10 percent of all pre-school age children, according to the May 2004 issue of Annals of Family Medicine; The American Optometric Association (AOA) says 25 percent of all school-age children have vision problems.